Are you currently Single and Purchasing a Property?

13012767_xxlAny time you make a decision to buy a home in Fairview you are producing an incredibly big step and it’s a difficult decision. It is challenging not because you don’t know for those who ought to or shouldn’t, it is really hard simply because you realize you’re going to spend a mortgage each and every month for lengthy time.
This notion sounds really terrible and it is not some thing you can not wait to jump into, anyway as soon as you may have fully paid the mortgage the house is yours and you should quickly realize that, for those who possess the possibility, this can be a far better selection as an alternative to renting a residence for the exact same amount of time: you’d pay your month-to-month rent and not personal the home.

You possibly won’t get anything as high priced as your house for the rest of the life. The commitment is very major and owning a residence comes with some responsibilities you would not have should you lived renting.

You’ll have to deal with lenders, pay the mortgage month and furthermore pay for any difficulties that might take place including fixing broken pipes, heating technique and much more. This shouldn’t bring about you to think to not acquire a home.

Probably the most critical issue you have to consider when you are deciding if getting or renting is that, should you obtain the residence, soon after some years you’ll be the owner, otherwise you are going to need to pay a rent forever: this must be sufficient to convince you that, for those who possess the possibility, you need to absolutely determine to get it.

Most singles are so scared concerning the responsibilities of purchasing a residence that never choose to take into consideration this solution till they come across a companion to split costs and commitment.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or you have got a companion that can undergo the procedure of obtaining a residence with you: acquiring a home is actually a clever option, being single will just make it a bit tougher but this shouldn’t be a motive to not buy a house (assuming that for you it’s economically feasible).
When you assume about what you really will need you might choose to get a property even though you are single, and it may possibly not be so hard: there is no ought to get an extremely large apartment if you are going to be living alone for long time. You do not believe that purchasing a smaller property is worth? Constantly try to remember that it is a fantastic worth that you’ll have the ability to sell when you determine you’ll need a bigger one particular.

If funds does not be concerned you, you are able to obtain an enormous home now and continue to keep there following you get married as well as when you’ll have youngsters. Inside the meantime you will have your own castle to appreciate with mates and relatives when they’re about.

You need to keep in mind that you absolutely need to not invest in a home you can’t pay because you will be throwing your dollars away. Usually bear in mind that you will have to spend your mortgage month-to-month: you know what you can afford, never obtain something far more.

Furthermore it is best to add for the monthly mortgage payment the expenses that come with the house like the condominium fee, or any yard perform expense when you never want to do such perform by yourself you need to find a real estate agent in fairview.

When selecting a home to buy you should not settle for something significantly less than what you will need: this does not mean you necessarily have to buy a mansion, you simply have to invest in a house that you seriously like, but at the very same time you ought to be capable to pay the mortgage month-to-month without very easily or in some cases you may have tough instances paying the month. You in no way know what is going to happen and also you don’t certainly desire to shed your new household.

MCC to offer real estate pre-licensing program in Crystal Lake

CRYSTAL LAKE – McHenry County College will offer a real estate pre-licensing program this fall.

The courses will run 6 to 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays, Aug. 19 through Nov. 11, in Room A119 at the Crystal Lake campus, 8900 Route 14.

The program is made up of two courses that must be taken together.

The Real Estate Sales Broker Pre-License Topics course is a blended home study course, which satisfies 75 hours of the 90 hours of instruction required by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to become a real estate broker.

This course includes a study of the broad field of real estate with an emphasis on license law, real property, agency structure, buyer and seller relationships and counseling, Illinois law, federal law, marketing and advertising, market analysis and appraisal, financing and contract knowledge, independent contractor and employee agreements and occupational disciplines.

With the complementary Real Estate Broker Pre-License Interactive course, students will satisfy remaining 15 hours required by the state.

The course includes role play, case study examples, demonstration examples and situational examples in such areas as listing presentation, agreement and disclosure, writing purchase agreements, market analysis, seller net sheets, confronting fair housing violations by both the seller or buyer, distressed property issues, antitrust scenarios, and inspection and repair issues. The Illinois State Licensing Act will also be covered. 

These courses meet state regulations, which also require students attend all sessions.

Successful completion of this set of classes allows students to sit for the Illinois Real Estate Broker Examination. Students must also be at least 21 and a high school graduate or hold an equivalent degree. For complete Illinois requirements, go to

The cost of the classes is $699, which includes all materials.

For more information, contact Ruth Kormanak at 815-479-7879 or

To enroll in these classes, contact MCC registration at 815-455-8588 or go online to Use course codes URE U19-001 and URE U20-001 when registering.


Erie County Real Estate transactions


• 7 Lewis Road, Michael B. Risman; Kent M. Miller II to Midfirst Bank, $105,366.


• 1071 Clearvu Drive, David Anasiewicz to Jason M. Anasiewicz, $67,000.

AMHERST Highest price: $1,325,000 Average price: $218,376 Median price: $183,000 Number of Sales: 49

• 3311 Sheridan Drive, Carrubba & Carr Inc. to Sheridan Amherst Llc, $1,325,000.

• 72 Joliet Lane, Linda J. Collette to Jerry Marti; Robin K. Irwin, $495,500.

• 43 Ambrose Court, Jingyi Zhao; Tianwu Wang to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $453,000.

• 43 Ambrose Court, National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Deepali Handa; Moshim Kukar, $453,000.

• 95 Mill St., Shari Jo Reich; Sheryl M. Duquette to Javid Rzayev; Rachel Hezel Rzayev, $445,000.

• 191 Darwin Drive, Marilyn Diina; Marilyn Chimento to Danielle T. Diina; David J. Diina, $325,000.

• 83 Huntingwood Drive, Geraldo L. Guzman; Rosa M. Guzman to James George Sabha; Nada Sabha, $310,000.

• 80 Brenridge Drive, Susan Rothschild; Paul R. Rothschild to Wing Ng-Chung; Edmund Kin Man Chung, $305,000.

• 61 South Parrish Drive, Balbir Mathaun; Kamaljit K. Mathaun to Christopher R. Lorek; Kathryn E. Lorek, $270,000.

• 87 Grasspointe Drive, Edwin J. Goetz; Deborah A. Goetz to Giuseppe P. Cicciarelli; Lora B. Cicciarelli, $249,900.

• 411 Longmeadow Road, Diann M. Smith; Tyrone P. Smith to Thomas J. Grillo Jr., $230,000.

• 1645 Dodge Road, Elizabeth L. Bannon to Stacy D. Reger, $220,000.

• 56 Partridge Run, Jane Leve; Kenneth M. Leve to Jeffrey Acker; Amanda Acker, $218,500.

• 170 Sargent, Leslie J. Kelley to Peter A. Biltekoff; Judith A. Biltekoff, $215,000.

• 57 Foxfire Drive, John J. Kedzierski; Anna M. Kedzierski to Peg-Sam Inc., $211,500.

• 141 Hitching Post Lane, Yalitza Aguila; Eladio Adorno to Adrian M. Meadows, $202,000.

• 63 Maplelea Drive, Marilyn Z. Forbach; Herbert E. Forbach Jr. to Mary C. Halas; Timothy A. Halas, $199,900.

• 24 Briarhurst Road, Patricia Ann Shea; Edward James Shea to Erica M. Turner-Nasca; Charles J. Nasca III, $195,000.

• 20 Dalewood Drive, Laura Kirkpatrick; Jeffrey Seward to Kelly A. Miller; Michael A. Czajkowski, $193,500.

• 172 Ferndale Road, Heath Falzarano; Jaimie L. Falzarano to Sherry M. Sandstrom; Brian K. Sandstrom, $190,000.

• 90 Red Oak Drive, Kathleen J. Darszewski; David R. Hoy Jr. to Christina L. Krywalski, $190,000.

• 95 Oakbrook Drive #A, Tara Mika; Bryan Mika to Karen R. Kearns, $190,000.

• 2900 Tonawanda Creek Road, Philip J. Heimiller; Joann M. Heimiller; Kenneth P. Heimiller; Ronald J. Heimiller to Darren R. Vukovic, $187,000.

• 379 Dodge Road, Brandi Trapasso; Bryan I. Cochran to Elicia J. Morris, $185,000.

• 323 Berryman Drive, Darrell A. Moore; Marcia G. Moore to John L. Greco; Tricia A. Morreale, $183,000.

• 465 Brantwood Road, Gloria M. Gianturco to Mayssa Salti; Ilaf Almawaldi, $180,000.

• 19 Tralee Terrace, Harold J. Lamb; Donna M. Lamb to Richard N. Rademacher; Barbara B. Rademacher, $177,000.

• 9530 Transit Road, Christine Smyczynski to Fox Creek Estates Commercial III Llc, $175,000.

• 256 Old Meadow Drive, Ryan H. Kovel to William J. Martell, $172,000.

• 170 Hartford Road, Joan M. Schmitt to Roberto Picone; Marcella Picone, $160,000.

• 115 North Forest Road, Ashley E. Churder to Caitlin A. Keyes, $155,222.

• 94 Harrogate, Gerald F. Golden to Joanne B. Shubert, $155,000.

• 35 Fairchild, Suzanne J. Easter; Lawrence C. Easter to Thomas Errico, $147,000.

• 9530 Transit Road, Christine Smyczynski to Fox Creek Estates Townhouses II Llc, $140,000.

• 256 Lorfield Drive, Kevin A. Markwardt to Joshua Diselrod; Rheannin Leon, $130,000.

• 429 Callodine Ave., Diann M. Smith; Tyrone P. Smith to Thomas J. Grillo Jr., $130,000.

• 91 Tralee Terrace, Scott Ferron to Thomas Glover, $129,900.

• 221 Red Oak Drive, Frank X. Budelewski Sr. to Frank X. Budelewski Jr., $125,000.

• 5 Beacon Park #L, Joseph D. Lipsitz to Willy Brownie-Bakhuizen, $125,000.

• 1051 Charlesgate Circle, Robert M. Goody; Marina L. Goody to Allyson M. Youdsavage, $123,000.

• 726 Robin Road, Stephen S. Collins to Chuck Mu Llc, $123,000.

• 40 Hamlin Square UI, Ruth K. Hansen to Hyun Joo Han; David D. Lee, $110,000.

• 231 East Royal Parkway, Georgette Hasiotis; Travis Hengerer; Colleen Hengerer to HSBC Bank, $100,297.

• 309 Callodine Ave., Mira Vuletic; Ilija Vuletic to Babita Das; Sonjoy Das, $95,000.

• 71 Ashdale Circle SL 58, Rockingham Estates Llc to Jonathan R. Zirnheld; Kristin N. Zirnheld, $90,000.

• 255 Capen Blvd., Emily Momot to 10593 Main Street Llc, $86,250.

• 114-D Harrogate Square, Allyson M. Youdsavage to Diping Wang, $82,600.

• 26 Coolbrook Court UD, Turner Battle to Jason Santiago, $77,350.

• 70 Mona Drive, HSBC Bank to Cp Joseph Real Estate Group Llc, $70,000.


• 115 Girdle Road, David T. Hartney; Donna R. Hartney to Judith Kohlhas; Michael J. Kohlhas, $314,500.

• 280 Jewett Holmwood, Donald K. Smith; Lisa M. Smith to Steven P. McCarville, $272,500.

• 1580 Mill Road, Thomas P. Dziulko; Alice M. Dziulko to Christina M. Michalczak; David R. Michalczak II, $242,000.

• 809 Martin Drive, Margaret A. Murphy; Lezli D. Giancarlo to HSBC Bank, $215,410.

• 1885 Blakeley Road, Hans J. Vogel; Cynthia A. Vogel to Paul Murawski; Timothy Cox, $207,216.

• 7 Woodbrook Drive Unit 2, Vinessa J. Schreckengost; Merle N. Schreckengost Jr. to Robin Hill, $135,000.

• 2005 Mill Road, Sandra Beutler; Saundra W. Beutler to Patrick Blizniak, $114,600.


• 6125 Butternut Road, Richard Rowles; Amy Haag to K. Joanne Miller, $144,000.


• 10195 Erie Road, Melissa Levitsky; Sherwood Levitsky to Stanton M. Broderick; Linda A. Broderick, $187,000.

• 877 Milestrip Road, Monika Fuchs; Ernest W. Fuchs to Monika Fuchs; Peter Fuchs; Ernest W. Fuchs, $145,000.

BUFFALO Highest price: $500,000 Average price: $115,455 Median price: $86,000 Number of Sales: 72

• 132 Lakefront Blvd. Unit 402, 1094 Group Llc to Mary G. Beuth, $500,000.

• 445 Franklin St., CAA West Llc to 445 Franklin Llc, $445,000.

• 204 Portside, Barbara A. Huddleston-Mattai to Sunil K. Patel, $425,000.

• 3 Chapin Parkway, Kurt S. Lang; Sandra A. Lang to Jason Lang; Jennifer Brodeur, $410,000.

• 1038 Amherst St., Kathleen A. Fedak; David F. Fedak to William T. O’Connell; Johnna E. Mauro, $356,000.

• 15 Rachel Vincent Way, Regina Rudolph; Ayinde Rudolph to Jongeun Han; Hyoju Lee, $329,900.

• 458 Vermont, Andrea Culp; Andrea L. Croce to Alexis Nyhuis Boling; Timothy Boling, $310,000.

• 552 Potomac, Joseph R. Wesolowski to Jennifer D. McCabe; Benjamin A. Sadd, $277,500.

• 207 Richmond Ave., Nicholas B. O’Connor; Alyson M. O’Connor to Kenneth C. Crawford, $260,000.

• 255 Lakefront Blvd., William A. Paladino to Darlene Knutsen, $240,000.

• 45 Arundel Road, Lillian Drawdy; Modesto A. Argenio; Lillian M. Drawdy to SRMOF II 2012-1 Trust; US Bank, $231,321.

• 34 Saint Paul Mall, Theodore C. Hairston; Theodore C. Hairston Sr. to St. Paul Group Llc, $200,000.

• 60 Virgil Ave., Anthony Grisanti; Joyce Gugino; Anthony M. Grisanti; Joyce A. Gugino to Raymond Mangione Jr., $176,400.

• 33 Fairchild Place, Nicole Doxtater to Kyle Zitnik, $170,000.

• 36 Shoreham, Frank Dirocco; Laura M. Dirocco to Matthew T. Schrimmel; Caitlin L. Schrimmel, $168,800.

• 69 Elmwood Ave., Margaret M. Martin to Frank J. Weber III, $167,000.

• 181 Culver Road, Holly J. McNamara; Patrick C. McNamara to Eric J. Trudell, $162,500.

• 146 Mona Drive, Helen J. Ehrenreich to Shane Jennings; Bridget Hier, $154,900.

• 328 North Park Ave., Lori A. Cohen to Charles Scibetta, $150,000.

• 20 Revere Place, Paul Petock to Caitlyn T B. Moriarty; Thomas D. Moriarty, $149,000.

• 244 Harrison Ave., Habitat For Humanity/Buffalo Inc. to Smiler Greely; Madee Greely, $142,558.

• 94 Germain St., John Kenneth Mitchell; John K. Mitchell; John J. Riccardi to HSBC Bank, $136,003.

• 53 Taunton Place, Mary Pawlik; Benjamin Pawlik to Elizabeth Johndrow Pawlik; Benjamin Pawlik, $127,000.

• 342 Villa Ave., Winsum Holdings Llc to Denine N. Jackson; Edwin A. Jackson Jr., $120,000.

• 2561 Main St., Bible Society Of Western New York to Bert E. Schroeder, $114,000.

• 69 Winspear Ave., Dorothy Putnam; Thomas R. Putnam Jr. to Molly D. Poremski; Benjamin M. Poremski, $112,500.

• 2017 Clinton St., 4215 Group Llc to Richard Mata; Dana M. Mata, $110,000.

• 192 Potters Road, Mary Jo Evans; Lynn M. Gough; James D. Gough Jr. to Fannie Mae, $109,300.

• 49 Larchmont Ave., Hilda Anna Koenig; Hilda A. Koenig to Kevin J. Helfer Jr., $107,000.

• 294 South Ogden St., Tammy R. Sandor; Nicholas F. Sandor to Tiffany N. Anderson, $105,000.

• 26 Orchard Place, Don & Bonnie Mae Barnard to Casey Boltes, $94,500.

• 83 Ave.ry Ave., Tiffany Kidd; Tiffany Anderson to Marcus A. Lawson, $88,000.

• 78 West Northrup Place, John S. Lagrou; Alice I. Lagrou to Northrup Properties Llc, $87,500.

• 58 Kenefick Ave., Mark E. Anderson to Nicole Livsey, $86,500.

• 70 Flower St., John S. Lagrou; Alice I. Lagrou to Long Point Properties Llc, $86,500.

• 96 West Northrup Place, John S. Lagrou; Alice I. Lagrou to Northrup Properties Llc, $86,500.

• 191 Hoyt, David Manz; Molly A. Murdoch; Marcelle S. Rudgers to James Bargnesi; Michael Maywalt, $85,500.

• 170 Hollywood Ave., Janice M. Sankey; Celia A. Wheaton to Shawn Taylor; Karen Taylor, $83,500.

• 2202 Kenmore Ave., Natalya Zhushma; Alexander Zhushma to Puspa Mishra; Dewaka Mishra-Adhikari, $83,000.

• 84 Cumberland Ave., Adam C. Smith; Cassandra J. Smith to Emily K. Schutrum, $77,500.

• 37 Avondale Place, Edward Mendofik to Julie M. Elmes, $64,000.

• 404 Hinman Ave., Gary L. Slootsky; Barbara W. Slootsky to Mark Gaiser; Gail Gaiser, $60,000.

• 158 Rounds, Stephanie J. Oates to Robert Perry, $56,000.

• 373 Davidson Ave., Alice I. Lagrou to Long Point Properties Llc, $55,000.

• 68 Janet St., Alice I. Lagrou to Long Point Properties Llc, $52,000.

• 59 Gerald, Marie Marshall to Sumana Sharmin Ahmed, $49,000.

• 129 Lisbon, UB Realty Holdings Llc to Matthew J. Martin, $40,000.

• 214 Wood Ave., Terrence McBurrows; Terrance McBurrows to Abdulaziz H W. Houhou, $39,900.

• 447 West Ferry, Frank D. Misso; Diane C. Misso to Buffalo Dom Llc, $38,500.

• 377 Kensington Ave., Sunset Banquet Inc. to A-Good Properties Inc., $35,250.

• 57 Como Ave., Daniel Resto; Howard B. Frank to HUD, $33,000.

• 18 Freeman, Tashawna Lewis; Darnell Beckham; Mario A. Giacobbe; Tashawna B. Lewis to LVS Title Trust I; US Bank, $30,000.

• 93 Fay St., James Hawkins; James R. Hawkins; James R. Hawkins III to Ruth Serajuddowla, $30,000.

• 43 Academy Road, M&T Bank to Imran Hissu Hussein; Ahmed Aman Hussin, $29,900.

• 32 Drexel Road, Sohail Sikander to Abdulaziz H W. Houhou, $29,500.

• 82 Inter Park, Mary L. Johnson to Rehena Akther, $29,500.

• 361 Cambridge Ave., Le Roi C. Johnson; Bruce A. Naylor Jr. to Bruce A. Naylor Sr., $27,701.

• 37 Mendola Ave., Charles E. Washington to Anton L. Bassham, $27,400.

• 103 Weiss, Raymond Kassin to Matthew J. Martin, $24,400.

• 236 Hagen St., Wellington Properties Llc to Kaaj Llc, $23,000.

• 129 Floss Ave., Delmar Speed; Shawntay L. Lockridge; Shawntay L. Howie; David C. Laub to Atiya M. Ramadhan, $22,000.

• 64 Roslyn, Kevin Hairston to Alenus Estava, $22,000.

• 129 Floss St., Atiya Ramadhan to Delmar Speed, $20,000.

• 442 Plymouth Ave., Maribel Rodriguez; Jorge L. Rodriguez to Keith Kristich; Colleen Kristich, $15,000.

• 458 Stockbridge, HUD to Rocque Lewis La, $15,000.

• 35 Van Gorder St., Therese Hesketh to Josephine M. Sciandra, $14,000.

• 132 Poultney Ave., Kevin Gray to Shohre Zahedi; Farhad Raiszadeh, $13,000.

• 360 Gibson St., Tonya D. Moore to Jhura Corp., $12,000.

• 873 Northland Ave., Rasheda Begum to Mariam Tahmina Mawla, $10,000.

• 714 West Ave., Jose Estevez to Muke Kilozo, $8,000.

CHEEKTOWAGA Highest price: $295,190 Average price: $111,646 Median price: $100,000 Number of Sales: 39

• 7 Garnet Drive, Forbes Homes Inc. to Chirag K. Amin, $295,190.

• 2852 Harlem Road, John Towart IV to Rerob Llc, $275,000.

• 6 Concord Place, Thomas E. Kowalski to JPDT Holdings Llc, $237,500.

• 150 Bronx Drive, Michael Herberger; Joan Passmore to LSF8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank, $208,695.

• 11 Parktail Lane, Heather L. Darlak; Brian R. Darlak to Nicole Pukalo; Kevin Pukalo, $194,900.

• 1180 Como Pk Blvd., Karin Vallone; Karen Vallone; Karen A. Vallone; Karin A. Vallone; James M. Vallone to Wilbert C. Thompson; Julie A. Thompson, $189,000.

• 34 Lou Drive, Randy N. Johnson; Natalie E. Johnson to Kimmarie L. Damato, $155,500.

• 35 Fairway Lane, Lisa M. Zolnowski to Lawrence Boland, $146,000.

• 493 Dick Road, Douglas M. Burke to Eric D. Ross, $134,400.

• 820 Cayuga Creek Road, Lisa Timmons to Wanda K. Airey, $131,000.

• 1358 George Urban Blvd., Elizabeth Bandelian; Jenny McCarthy; F Craig Wittman to Courtney M. Bandelian, $115,000.

• 62 Danielle Drive, Robert M. Lussier; Margaret E. Lussier to Kathryn Jelonek, $113,000.

• 113 Autumn Lea Road, Linda S. Zakrzewski to Travis Eisele; Jamie Lee Eisele, $107,600.

• 33 Harvard Ave., Roy Oddi; Gail Wienk; Jack Oddi; Dean Oddi to Dianna M. Oddi, $107,000.

• 98 Peoria Ave., Thomas A. Bradigan; Shana K. Bradigan to Vanessa R. Clark, $105,900.

• 35 David Ave., Emily C. Robson; Bret E. Schroeder; Bret C. Schroeder to Daniel J. Hess; Amanda L. Hess, $105,000.

• 189 Cass Ave., Thomas P. Winiasz; Robin L. Winiasz to Robert C. Hernandez, $103,880.

• 2 Lindbergh Court, Amy Schleer to Leona A. Soule, $100,000.

• 25 Robert Court, Matthew D. Schoaff; Denise S. Schoaff to Kassem M. Saeed, $100,000.

• 4 Lucerne Court, Scott Rybczynski to Carrie Ann Rybczynski, $100,000.

• 34 White Road, Mary C. Keddie to Daniel J. Pitzonka, $96,000.

• 55 Mafalda Drive, Martha A. Baczkowski to Zandra R. Lacour, $96,000.

• 1700 Kensington Ave., Kipp Colburn to Elana L. Potter, $92,000.

• 61 Bay Lane, Paul N. Jueckstock; Ruth G. Jueckstock; Diane R. Koch to Melanie Dandrea, $92,000.

• 2583 William St., Paula J. Mills to Ashley Duquette, $87,000.

• 724 South Huth Road, Dennis J. Hurley to Jeffrey J. Mayo, $87,000.

• 154 Briarcliff Road, Judith Jaroszewski; Barbara Kadow; Geraldine Radlich; Ronald Radlich; James Radlich to Phillip E. Henley, $85,500.

• 55 Celina St., Joseph Wrobel; Virginia Wrobel; Joseph A. Wrobel to Karen M. Glinski, $80,500.

• 206 Westbrook Drive, Richard Zorich; Patricia K. Novak to Zachary C. Zorich, $75,000.

• 387 Pine Ridge Road, Richard J. Wujcikowski to Nadine Brown; Lorena Williams, $75,000.

• 8 Mildred Court, Stanley J. Bieniek; Arlene B. Masso to Amanda R. Dux, $60,000.

• 1080 Cleveland Drive, HUD to Chad A. Meldrum, $58,000.

• 176 Harris Court, John Apgar to PJK Holdings Llc, $58,000.

• 4 Glenwood Court, William R. Lindsay; Mildred A. Lindsay to Lisa M. Bolognese; Ronald V. Bolognese Jr., $58,000.

• 65 & 71 Long Ave., Mark A. Steinbarth; Joseph J. Terranova to Phh Mortgage Corporation, $57,250.

• 727 Beach Road, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Stefani Kaganoff; Michael E. Chambers, $50,380.

• 4740 Broadway, Crystal M. Anderson; Michael E. Mazurek to Michael Sobotka, $46,000.

• 176 Harris Court, Susan Joy Grelick; Courtney Pope; Courtney C. Pope to John Apgar, $43,001.

• 23 East End Ave., Mary M. Bass; Peter J. Bass to Menachum Tauber, $33,000.


• 126 Kohler St., Viktoriya N. Bogdanets; Anna N. Bogdanets; Anna M. Bogdanets to Cheong Yin Lam, $170,000.

• 35 Cashway, Henry Schnell to Sarah Lenz, $89,000.

• 518 Fletcher St., Elizabeth H. Maess to Fred Tomasello, $85,000.

• 51 Fuller Ave., LVS Title Trust I; US Bank to Mark R. Stambach, $74,900.

• 40 Sharon Drive, CWABS Master Trust Revolving Home Equity Loan; Bank Of New York Mellon to Timothy J. Weiskoff, $73,007.

• 194 Franklin St., Kathryn A. Wolf to Joseph W. Bradley, $65,000.

CLARENCE Highest price: $570,000 Average price: $282,595 Median price: $298,000 Number of Sales: 21

• 6002 Wexford Manor, Karen S. Mills; William R. Mills to Sherry A. Wolford; Harold J. Wolford Jr., $570,000.

• 5694 Chatham Lane, Essex Homes Of WNY Inc. to Glenn Stoltman; Saralee Stoltman, $494,365.

• 6318 Everwood Court S, Anthony M. Deperio; Nancy C. Deperio to Rabia Duaa Usmani; Misbah Ahmad, $460,000.

• 6350 Walnut Creek Drive, Robert C. Crowe; Ruth M. Crowe to Adrian T. Dayton, $427,000.

• 8378 Black Walnut Drive, Kevin D. Szczepanski to Monica Lupion Cordero; Enrique J. Bosch Naval, $422,200.

• 5271 Via Del Sole, Janet E. Perc; John V. Perc to Barbara Lois Chaudhry, $420,000.

• 10340 Bergtold, Aaron M. Kloc; Lisa M. Kloc to Jason T. Haywood; Catherine I. Haywood, $397,700.

• 5681 Chatham Lane, Essex Homes Of WNY Inc. to Carmen D. Gentile; Patricia A. Gentile, $394,450.

• 8156 Miles Road, Vicki S. Waasdorp; Bruce D. Waasdorp to Andrew J. Ocque; Rebecca Z. Ocque, $322,000.

• 6077 Wellesley Common, Jason T. Haywood to Cheryl M. Smith, $316,500.

• 5797 Kippen Drive, Ki Je Sung; Soon S. Sung to Kevin Markwardt; Wendy Markwardt, $298,000.

• 9380 Martin Road, Joseph M. Lanasa to Nathan J. Wicker; Sarah E. Wicker, $286,000.

• 10793 Main St., Matthew Misseldine; Emily B. Misseldine to Christopher G. Buman; Lisa N. Buman, $195,000.

• 4279 Cameron Drive, Dawn Neyhart; Robert Neyhart to Matthew J. Testa, $185,000.

• 5298 Greenhurst Road, Randall L. Rozelle; Angela J. Rozelle to Paul R. Winterhalter, $169,000.

• 8297 Kimberly Road, Tracy L. Dziabo; Michael C. Dziabo II to Matthew B. Meiler; Cara M. Minervini, $167,000.

• 8967 Wicklow Manor, Cimato Enterprises Inc. to Forbes Homes Inc., $112,500.

• 5670 Davison Road, Jennifer L. Schenk to Timothy A. Schenk, $106,360.

• 9230 Clarence Center Road, Kevin L. Albrecht; Hannah A. Albrecht to Keith M. Albrecht; Grace M. Albrecht, $73,800.

• 8435 Goodrich Road, Joseph Krenitsky; Joseph G. Krenitsky; Joseph E. Neubert Jr.; Gina M. Qualiana to Wells Fargo Bank, $72,613.

• 1319 Ransom Road, Tony Zinaty to IQ Modular Homes Inc., $45,000.


• 2360 Wheater Road, McCormick Farms Inc. to 1524 Cain Llc, $380,000.


• 4374 Mary Drive, Mary F. Pietro; Joseph J. Pietro to Lara Husman, $235,000.

• 3134 East Church, Susan J. Smith; Richard C. Smith to Richard R. Rowles, $210,000.

• 2591 Meadow Lane, Joshua Dubs; Albert Schiedel Jr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $74,000.


• 1930 Girdle Road, Heather Fischer; Thomas Fischer to Brenden J. Finn, $214,000.

• 1731 Woodard Road, Robin Hill to Andrew W. Orourke, $177,000.

• 666 North Star, Gloria Rose Clark; Thomas R. Lochner; Gloria R. Clark; Gloria R. Theal to Keybank, $116,811.

• 90 Kings Road, LSF8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank to Nicole Lehsten; Peter Debiasi, $63,000.

EVANS Highest price: $225,000 Average price: $107,049 Median price: $100,800 Number of Sales: 10

• 1855 New Jerusalem Road, Karl A. Baake to James A. Whittemore; Marcia E. Whittemore, $225,000.

• 4335 Arrowwood Drive, Kevin M. Boswell to Rodney O. Salzman; Tara J. Salzman, $205,000.

• 104 Long Beach Lane, Michael A. Davern to Honorato Villarreal; Jennifer E. Villareal, $178,500.

• 1435 Darlington Drive, Ilene Sambur; Ilene Fell; Louis A. Haremski; Ilene J. Fell to Fannie Mae, $166,386.

• 18 Sunset Blvd., Rodney O. Salzman; Tara J. Salzman to Ian C. Denton; Lisa K. Denton, $124,500.

• 6679 Revere Drive, Keybank to Jonathon D. Anthon, $77,100.

• 38 South Main St., Jenny M. Kauzala; Brian M. Kauzala to DCDC Llc, $52,500.

• Vacant Land – Wisconsin Road, Henry G. Santi; Margaret E. Santi to Matthew Mazur, $27,000.

• Vacant Land – Beach Road, Leonard Guzzetta; Leonard F. Guzzetta Sr. to Desert Sky Real Property Inc.; Leonard Guzzetta; Gloria Guzzetta; Leonard F. Guzzetta Sr., $9,500.

• 7956 Keene Road, Timothy S. Murphy to Kathleen R. Fedele, $5,000.


• 775 West River Parkway, Christopher Demarco; Cheryl M. Cardone to Aaron T. Clause; Denise M. Clause, $340,000.

• 1995 Creekside Drive, Aaron T. Clause; Denise M. Clause to Melissa Lorkowski; John Venne II, $231,900.

• 228 Cardinal Lane, Jodie R. Spero to Michael Haynes; Jodi Gleason, $213,400.

• 270 Cardinal Lane, Sherlyn M. Sandstrom; Sherlyn M. Reid; Brian K. Sandstrom to Ashley L. Bognar, $162,000.

• 1861 Huth Road, Dennis M. Sarokon to Karen Warner, $63,000.

• 221 Windham Lane, New England Estates Of Grand Island Llc to Ryan Homes Of New York; Nvr Inc., $62,400.

HAMBURG Highest price: $435,000 Average price: $179,718 Median price: $163,750 Number of Sales: 20

• 5907 Old Lakeshore Road, Ludonna Braymiller; David Braymiller to Charles J. Bellavia; Ramona L. Bellavia, $435,000.

• 2348 Agassiz Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Nicholas J. Bozich; Danielle E. Bozich, $284,900.

• 6536 Hackberry Drive, Stephanie Radomski; Michael Radomski to Megan Starr-Jablonski, $268,500.

• 4782 John Michael Way, Maureen J. Brennan to Joseph Jankowski; Brenda Jankowski, $226,000.

• 3657 Blair Court, Nicholas J. Bozich; Danielle M. Evancho to Jennifer A. Felder; Eric A. Felder, $189,500.

• 5097 Lower Court, Julie Mogford Haney to Shannon M. Manning; John J. Manning Jr., $188,000.

• 50 Sunset, Daniel L. Wilson; Cheryl A. Wilson to Steven J. Cummings, $183,000.

• 2575 Amsdell Road, Evan B. Hummel to Norbert P. Nadolny III, $171,000.

• 5750 Lake Shore Road, Polly A. McDaniel to Taryn Robertson, $170,000.

• 4759 Morgan Parkway, Mark F. Brown to Jacob A. Lukaszek, $165,000.

• 313 Highland Ave., Amy B. Berg; Jared C. MacLeod to Alex M. Piepszny, $162,500.

• 90 Mark Ave., Jason D. Pietsch to Michelle T. Skelley, $161,000.

• 116 Hunt, Denise Briscoe; Stephen M. Briscoe to Jeanette Koncikowski, $145,000.

• 5964 Margaret Ann Drive, Dean P. Lucas; Donna M. Lucas to 15031 Chatsworth Street Llc, $139,000.

• 5708 West Lane, Candi K. Hicks to Eric M. Powell; Shana M. Powell, $132,500.

• 53 Norwood, Philip Goldman to David Evers; Melissa J. Evers, $127,500.

• 4956 Best St., John Hornberger; Richard G. Hornberger; Patricia L. Smith to Jamie Matie, $125,000.

• 20 Lake Ave., Mark E. Koncikowski; Jeanette A. Koncikowski to Douglas C. Applegate; Katherine E. Applegate, $118,450.

• 2655 Greenfield Ave., Joseph M. Dattilio; Carrie R. Dattilio to James C. Colton; Shannen L. Colton, $112,000.

• 10 Marlowe Ave., Janice Kogutek to Katya Kroll-Haeick; Deanna Kroll-Haeick, $90,500.


• 11313 Blanchard Road, Dale J. Hansen; Dale J. Dickman to Joseph Hoag; Brad Kenny, $38,000.

• Vacant Land – V54 Vista Drive, John C. Dulski; Karoline B. Dulski to Clayton Maynard; Karen Maynard, $6,800.


• 130 Majestic, Concezio Cercone to James Sebastiani; Judy Sebastiani, $135,000.

• 25 Shannon Drive, Jennifer M. Mizierkiewicz; Jennifer M. Mizerkiewicz; Jennifer M. Mariani; Joseph H. Shaw to HSBC Bank, $117,500.

• 11 Boardman Drive, Peter Gasbarre; Linda Michalek; Sandra M. King to Jason B. Heinrich; Stephanie R. Heinrich, $95,000.

• 44 Wood St., Griffin Rental Properties Llc; Griffin Property Management Llc; John Koch to Myrtle Aquilina; Louis Aquilina, $70,000.

• 151 Center, Frances Kaczmarczyk to Charles C. Cromwell, $69,000.

• 218 Franklin St., Zemira Ogric; Edin Ogric; E Carey Cantwell to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $62,175.

• 122 Madison Ave., Thomas A. Macaluso; Joyce S. Macaluso to Michele S. Wojnowicz, $60,000.

• 1141 McKinley Parkway, Robert W. Tomani; Joseph D. Tomani to Brian Morrison, $47,500.

LANCASTER Highest price: $570,000 Average price: $200,062 Median price: $170,610 Number of Sales: 10

• 450 Central Ave., Columbia Central Medical Building Corporation to 450 Central Ave Llc, $570,000.

• 14 Ellie Court, AE Buffalo Properties Llc to Mary Beth Morre; Travis Moore, $260,000.

• 18 Rose St., Joseph J. Jankowski to Tianli Xie; Junchao Hua, $220,000.

• 86 Burlington, 0 Houston, St. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church Society Of Depew New York to Centerpointe Community Church Inc., $200,000.

• 35 Hess Place, Ryan Serafin to Richard J. Niespodzinski, $190,000.

• 29 Hawthorne Trail, Joseph M. Latona; Claire M. Havener to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $151,221.

• 802 Aurora St., Jeffrey K. Minier; Jayne M. Minier to Phyllis M. Falletta; Joseph J. Falletta Jr., $134,900.

• 41 Litchfield, Domenic Migliaccio; Christian Ashour; Domenic J. Migliaccio; Christian E. Ashour; Christian E. Brady to Citimortgage Inc., $127,500.

• 307 Broezel Ave., David S. Trochenski; Gerald J. Trochenski to Megan Lumadue, $77,000.

• 3907 Bowen Road U #26, Nelson Mankowski; Dorothy C. Mankowski; Allen A. Mankowski; Joseph C. Mankowski to 3907-26 Bowen Llc, $70,000.


• 919 Townline Road, Karin M. Zaccagnino; Clarissa T. Harison to Brandy M. Wisniewski; Joseph P. Redlinski, $190,000.


• Vacant Land – Gowanda State Road, D. Vacco & Sons Inc. to Winters Rigging Properties Llc, $148,500.

ORCHARD PARK Highest price: $466,755 Average price: $277,911 Median price: $244,000 Number of Sales: 15

• 49 Golden Crescent Way, Ryan Homes Of New York; Nvr Inc. to Christine K. Hansen; Ronald K. Hansen, $466,755.

• 41 Golden Crescent Way, Ryan Homes Of New York; Nvr Inc. to Kirk Hartog; Anna R. Hartog, $447,045.

• 25 Lakeridge Drive, Lynn Livecchi; Ronald Livecchi to Ludonna Braymiller; David Braymiller, $440,000.

• 62 Knob Hill Road, Amy Carter; Jeffrey Long to Thomas J. Johnson, $425,000.

• 74 Deer Run, Paul Byczynski; Paula Byczynski to Sydney B. Grabau; Trevor J. Grabau, $407,000.

• 5165 South Freeman Road, Joseph J. Krakowiak; Marlene J. Krakowiak to Bradley D. Westcott; Catherine P. Westcott, $360,000.

• 5481 Chestnut Ridge Road, Gregory Tomasik to James A. Anticola, $360,000.

• 42 Hilltowne Drive, John C. Sentz; Melissa A. Sentz to Jason J. Bock; Shana K. Bradigan, $244,000.

• 3 Willowbrook, Marny F. Karassik; John P. Karassik to Joseph M. Dattilio; Carrie R. Dattilio, $235,000.

• 89 Park Place, Manuel Lucero; Myra L. Lucero to Marie E. Muscatello; Richard R. Muscatello, $216,000.

• 3854 North Buffalo Road, Orchard Park Pet Spa Llc to Webster Block Llc, $190,000.

• 21 North Lincoln Ave., Dorothy G. Mill; Dennis J. Mill to Andrew Gernold, $115,000.

• 3173 Baker Road, Kathleen M. Jackson to Veronica M. Pirillo; Frank J. Pirillo III, $100,000.

• 47 Sonnet Drive, DS Of Orchard Park Llc to Ryan Homes Of New York; Nvr Inc., $81,432.

• 77 Sonnet Drive, DS Of Orchard Park Llc to Ryan Homes Of New York; Nvr Inc., $81,432.


• 12030 Savage Road, Thomas R. Call; Sonya L. Biehl to Jeffrey G. Welsted; Charlene E. Welsted, $174,000.

• 12049 Olean Road, Crystal L. Pinzel to Wendy A. Willson, $105,000.

TOWN OF TONAWANDA Highest price: $231,750 Average price: $119.207 Median price: $118,450 Number of Sales: 34

• 730 Creekside Drive, Kimberly A. Stroh to Joseph M. Milosich; Christine E. Milosich, $231,750.

• 330 Argonne Drive, Diane Gershbein; Alan Gershbein to Jacob F. Edelman; Lisa M. Edelman, $205,000.

• 17 Aspinwood Place, Laura I. Ammer to Natalie J. Pellnat; David A. Pellnat Jr., $169,000.

• 42 Marlee Drive, Lisa Ressman to Joseph D. Deiboldt; Aimee E. Deiboldt, $165,000.

• 97 Argonne Drive, Sarah G. Lane to Michael J. Oleyar Jr., $158,000.

• 139 Forbes Ave., Marion Mendel; John Mandel; Brian L. Mandel Sr.; Sandra A. Mandel; Mark J. Longo; Susan D. Wood;to Fannie Mae, $152,275.

• 293 Pilgrim Road, Debra Calabrese; Deborah Calabrese; Carl J. Calabrese to Scott A. Smith, $145,000.

• 287 Southwood Drive, Joseph M. Milosich to Ronald Anthony Griffo Jr., $142,500.

• 207 Fairfield Ave., Aaron R. Youngman to Ashley R. Bucholtz, $134,900.

• 256 Claremont, Kimberly J. Evans to Kristina M. Strobel, $132,000.

• 42 Castleton Place, Donald E. Rodems to Mary E. McNeill, $130,000.

• 213 Overbook Ave., Devynn M. Cockrum; Nathan A. Harris to Deborah Goetz; Edwin J. Goetz, $127,000.

• 644 Brighton Road, Jamison MacRae; Lori J. MacRae to Amanda Smith; Marc D. Smith, $126,500.

• 121 Cable St., Michael Haynes to Paula M. Latz, $122,500.

• 254 Dalton, Sarah L. Moss; Kenneth E. Moss to Brianna L. Davis, $122,000.

• 145 Wendel Ave., Diana L. Falco to Andrew J. Letson, $121,000.

• 24 Tulane, Aimee E. Deiboldt; Aimee E. Busse to Carissa Grisanti; Matthew Maglietto, $120,000.

• 396 Harrison Ave., Mark A. Weller to Meherunnisa Sheikh, $116,900.

• 321 Fairfield Ave., Lora B. Costantino; Lora B. Ciccarelli to William P. Merriman, $116,000.

• 211 Grandview Ave., Jane Walsh to Hom Humagain, $113,500.

• 86 Knowlton Ave., Mary Lee McClive; Mary L. McClive; Carol A. Condon; Richard A. McClive to Citigroup Mortgage Loan; US Bank, $110,500.

• 132 Cornwall Ave., Gary M. Louth; Gregory D. Louth; David E. Louth; Dennis C. Louth to Steven R. Louth; Corrie L. Louth, $110,000.

• 275 West Hazeltine Ave., Paul F. Defilippo to Joseph Marino; Joanne Marino, $105,000.

• 58 Harding Ave., Katie Mowzcko; Jason J. Clark to Carrie M. Schuller, $104,900.

• 46 Southwood Drive, John J. Wager to Debora A. Devine, $102,900.

• 77 Hamilton Blvd., Linda Dick; Linda E. Dick to Mark S. Swanekamp Jr., $102,000.

• 35 Kelvin Drive, Russell T. Fournier to Caitlin Smith, $98,000.

• 922 Highland Ave., Apartments Llc Series C. Diehl to James P. Joseph, $96,900.

• 160 Parkhurst Blvd., Kathryn E. Ricchiazzi to Sarah A. Strobino, $95,000.

• 16 Kingsbury Lane, Barbara Buczkowski; Barbara A. Buczkowski to Christopher J. Danna, $80,000.

• 455 Tremaine, Oakview Realty Llc to Jeanallan Properties Llc, $60,000.

• 244 Harrison Ave., Mario D. Candino to Anthony T. Candino, $51,000.

• 3-7 Burns Court, Renate L. Ziegler to Peter A. Rudnicki, $51,000.

• 468 University Ave., HUD to Christopher Williams, $35,000.


• Vacant Land – Vermont Hill Road, Nanette L. Weber; Richard A. Weber to Jeffrey M. Weber; Elizabeth A. Weber, $40,000.

• 5270 Hunters Creek Road, Carl Dipardo; Beverly A. Dipardo to Lawrence M. Hoffman; Anne M. Hoffman, $5,000.

WEST SENECA Highest price: $290,000 Average price: $130,610 Median price: $125,750 Number of Sales: 22

• 47 Race St., Mary L. Kempski; Longin T. Kempski to Jill Z. Florkowski; Craig K. Florkowski, $290,000.

• 312 Reserve Road, Michael D. Farrell Jr. to Dato Development Llc, $280,000.

• 60 Kathy Lane, Cheryl Eisensmith; Susan Karalus; Cheryl A. Mendola; Cheryl A. Eisensmith to Bank Of New York Mellon; Cit Mortgage, $251,784.

• 51 Rebecca Way, Paul H. Ribbeck; Elizabeth C. Ribbeck to Laura M. Pirritano, $195,000.

• 200 East & West Road, Nancy Czajka; Dennis E. Czajka to Stacy A. Szeglowski, $180,000.

• 2 Kellybrook Court, Marisa Alessi to Ashley M. Hupp; Joseph M. Hynes, $168,000.

• 4457 Clinton St., Gail Cymbrowski; Stanley A. Cymbrowski to Kerri Napieralski, $161,000.

• 62 Highland Ave., NY Home Solutions; KB Homes Llc to TTS Real Estate Holdings Llc, $160,000.

• 53 Ebenezer Road, Lisa M. Graves to Micheal James Short, $154,865.

• 3955 Clinton St., Charles E. Hitchens; Elizabeth E. Hitchens to Paul Castonguay; Jennifer Castonguay, $133,260.

• 66 Hillcrest Hights, Anne M. Distefano to Robert M. Lussier; Antoinette P. Hall, $132,500.

• 88 Kirkwood Drive, Adrianne Wright; Adrianne Floriano; Michael Wright to John A. Misener, $119,000.

• 531 Union Road, First Baptist Church Of West Seneca Inc. to A Jacob W. Reinhardt, $100,000.

• 801 Main St., Jennifer A. Felder; Eric A. Felder to Christopher D. Radder; Dana R. Radder, $92,700.

• 280 Ansley Court, Corrado E. Piccione to Barbara Jo Robertson; Thomas P. Robertson, $91,000.

• 1889 & 1893 Union Road, First Niagara Realty Inc. to Union West Llc, $90,000.

• 1497 Union Road, Robert J. Booker; Rhonda M. Booker to Nicholas J. Doucette, $88,800.

• 244 Bullis Road, John F. Schieber to Kevin N. Schieber, $75,000.

• 215 Main St., Ronald R. Schwendner; Patricia A. Schwendner to Peter Durant, $32,000.

• 3254 Clinton, CMS Property Associates Llc to Clinton Street Commerce Park Llc, $28,500.

• Vacant Land – Reserve Road, Michael D. Farrell Jr. to Dato Development Llc, $25,000.

• Vacant Land – Reserve Road, Michael D. Farrell Jr. to Dato Development Llc, $25,000.

Park City real estate is surging in 2015

The Park City real estate market is partying like it’s 2007.

Home sales in the area for the first two quarters of 2015 are up 9 percent over the same period in 2014, which is the highest mark for the first half of any year since before the recession, according to the Park City Board of Realtors. The total dollar volume was up 11 percent over the same span.

“2007 was our best year,” said Nancy Tallman, president of the Board of Realtors. “That’s the year we kind of hold up — the highest prices, the highest dollar volumes.

“Clearly, 2015 has been really strong in terms of pricing and number of sales,” she added.

The real estate market has been improving for about two years, but growth had been slowed because there weren’t many homes on the market, Tallman said. But rising prices in this year’s first quarter helped break the logjam.

“Inventory was at record lows,” Tallman said. “That helped drive prices up, just pure supply and demand. Then people who were sort of thinking about selling, waiting for prices to come back, saw that ‘OK, this is my time. Now I can sell.’ So you started seeing more homes on the market in the second quarter. Even now, what I’m seeing in July and August, our inventory is definitely higher.”

That real estate is strong throughout the country has also boosted the local market. And Utah’s economy, which is among the strongest in the nation, has brought in plenty of people wanting to put down roots in Park City.


“We are getting a lot of people relocating to Park City who are taking jobs either here or in the Salt Lake Valley,” Tallman said. “People are moving into our area, and they’re taking good jobs — executive-level jobs.”

Sales have been particularly strong in areas such as Old Town, Prospector and Park Meadows, according to the Board of Realtors. But neighborhoods in the Snyderville Basin are also booming. The median sales price of a single-family home in the Basin was up 18 percent, to $850,000.

Tallman said there’s a simple explanation for the rising cost of buying a home in the Basin.

“The story, I think, is that being in town is expensive,” she said. “It’s driving more people to look outside of 84060, all the way down to Kimball Junction and Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook.”

Don’t expect interest in Park City real estate to die down anytime soon. Tallman said she took a trip over the summer to three Colorado towns where Vail Resorts owns or operates ski resorts. She walked away with one strong impression.

“It was sort of like peering into the future,” she said. “We talked to Realtors in all three resort areas, and the No. 1 message that all gave us what that Vail Resorts will drive people into your town. They have a huge marketing budget and that’s what they do.”

Tallman acknowledged the spotlight Vail Resorts’ presence shines on Park City, while good for the real estate market, is not welcomed by all in town.

“If you’re a Realtor, it’s great,” she said. “But if you’ve been living here since it was a sleepy town with one stoplight, some people may not like these changes. But you’re not going to turn back progress.”

High-End Miami Real Estate Agent Accused of $800K Extortion Attempt on Prominent Rivals

PHOTO:Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg are seen in this file photo, Sept. 17, 2013, in Miami.

3 considerations for commercial real estate lending

Most financial institutions distinguish commercial real estate loans from commercial loans because of their unique challenges, Jim Devine told attendees of the recent CUES Webinar, “Commercial Real Estate Lending Challenges and Growth.”

CEO of Hiperion Inc. and a co-presenter for CUES Advanced School of Business Lending: Commercial Real Estate Lending, (slated for Sept. 21-25 in San Antonio), Devine identified six ways commercial real estate loans differ from member business loans. Here are the first three:

1. Loan size. A member business loan might be $250,000; a commercial real estate loan might be $400,000 and up.

2. Net operating income vs. cash flow. A commercial real estate loan will be considered based on net operating income (all revenue from the property minus all reasonably necessary operating expenses); a member business loan will be considered based on cash flow (movement of money in and out a business). NOI will be different for an industrial complex, a multi-family rental unit, and an office complex.

Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Four Properties

OAK BROOK, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. announced today the acquisition of four properties purchased in July on behalf of an Inland affiliate. The acquisitions total more than 476,000 square feet across three states for a total purchase price of more than $75 million. The properties acquired include two apartment communities with a combined total of 278 units, one medical office building and a retail center.

The four properties include: Ascent Uptown Apartments, an approximately 18,500-square-foot mixed-use building with two retail spaces located in Denver; Creekview Apartments, an approximately 288,000-square-foot residential community located in Florida; The Fountains, a 131,578-square-foot retail center located in Hixson, Texas, with Kohl’s and Academy Sports as tenants; and Emerus Community Hospital, an approximately 38,000-square-foot building, located in Tomball, Texas, which contains a hospital with emergency and acute care capabilities as well as space dedicated for medical offices.

“Our team was pleased to close on nearly half a million square feet of excellent income-producing properties,” said Joe Cosenza, president of Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. and vice chairman of The Inland Real Estate Group, Inc. “These four properties are all newer construction and are well-occupied in desirable locations, and we will continue to look for similar properties across all asset classes for the remainder of the year.”

To date, Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. has purchased 2,290 retail centers, 60,177 apartments and 1,510 single-tenant properties (such as medical office buildings).

About Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc.

Inland Real Estate Acquisitions, Inc. is the purchasing arm for various entities that are a part of The Inland Real Estate Group of Companies, Inc., a group of independent legal entities, some of which may be affiliates, share some common ownership or have been sponsored or managed by Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation or its subsidiaries (collectively, “Inland”). For additional information, please refer to Inland’s website at

Utah County real estate prices drop slightly in July

As realtors, we establish fiduciary relationships with our clients. That means when we represent buyers, according to the state-required Buyer Broker Agreement, that we are responsible for “loyalty, obedience, full disclosure, confidentiality, reasonable care, and any other duties required by law.”

A savvy agent will do his/her foremost to protect the client and get the best deal they can. This gets tricky in today’s environment of multiple offers and requests from listing agents for highest and best offers by a certain date and time. These are all too common, and if the buyer’s agent is not on his toes “highest and best” could needlessly cost the buyer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

For example, recently my buyer client made an offer on a property in Draper that another buyer also offered on about the same time. The listing agent dutifully called for the highest and best offer by a certain time. In this situation buyers can either leave their offers as is and take their chances, not knowing what the other offer is, or raise the offer. In many cases they raise the offer, albeit blindly.

I advised my client to counter with an escalation clause, which was to change his offer to a few hundred dollars over any other offer up to a certain cap.

We got the house.

As it turned out, however; we didn’t need the escalation clause after all. His original offer was the winning bid. Had my client raised his offer without the escalation clause, he would have committed thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

I once worked with an investor who used escalation clauses all the time. The only time he lost a bid was when a competing offer came in higher than his cap. In 20-plus years as a listing agent I’ve seen only one escalation clause come my way. It’s a great way to break the logjam of competing offers in a multiple offer situation depending on how bad you want the house and how far in price you are willing to go.

Meanwhile, the Utah County real estate market for all types of homes has had some interesting twist and turns over the last year. The average sales price has risen from $258,247 a year ago to $263,797, an increase of just 2.1 percent. That’s quite a drop from the double-digit increases we were seeing earlier.

Prices peaked in June at $273,145, then dropped in July, the last full month in the Wasatch Front Multiple Listing report for an average four-bedroom, three-bath home. Average size is 2,642 square feet for an annual average of about $100 a foot. The average price per square foot has been climbing in recent months, peaking at $104 in July.

Market time is now 55 days, the shortest average all year. (Market time in August thus far is 48 days, but the annual average is 73 days.)

The average sales to original list price in July was 97 percent, but the annual average was just 84 percent. Overall the market here is conducive to both buyers and sellers, although the available home inventory remains short. I have buyers looking to buy and can’t find the homes they want. I’m sure most local realtors are experiencing that frustration.

Connected Investors Launches Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Gateway

WILMINGTON, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Connected Investors, the world’s largest real estate investors network and marketplace, today announced the launch of its aggregated real estate crowdfunding marketplace. For the first time, investors will be able to quickly locate and evaluate investments available across the real estate crowdfunding industry in the US and around the world.

Launched in 2005, the social network provides more than 200,000 real estate investors direct access to off-market investment properties from other investors, property locators, hedge funds, and asset managers. The addition of crowdfunding now allows individuals to quickly research and access the many options and opportunities in the emerging crowdfunding movement.

Ross Hamilton, founder and CEO of Connected Investors noted, “Many people are looking for opportunities to build wealth in real estate but the traditional ways create many roadblocks. Through crowdfunding, real estate and investing in particular has been transformed. We recognized this fact and developed an effective, simple, and affordable way for anyone to get involved in a real estate investment.”

The Connected Investors crowdfunding marketplace ( allows the investor to select investment opportunities by the location, rate of return, investment amount, along with other investing parameters.

“Real Estate crowdfunding is exploding before our eyes as evidenced by the growing number of portals that have entered the market. With all of that comes complexity for the investor wanting to find returns. We already had the network, so we simplified the process and in turn, access to the opportunity,” said Marty Coyne, CTO of Connected Investors. “We’ve developed a “Kayak-like” responsive search engine that presents opportunities to the investor without having to deal with dozens of different sites.”

Crowdfunding investment group, Patch of Land’s CEO Jason Fritton said, “Connected Investors is bringing awareness to what Patch of Land and what the industry as a whole can offer investors – and they do it in a simple and streamlined way.”

With over 200,000 members Connected Investors is larger than all of the real estate crowdfunding portals combined and looks to bring mass awareness to an industry with an estimated market size of $11 trillion during its infancy.

For more information, or to request an interview with CEO Ross Hamilton or CTO Marty Coyne, please contact Bill Brinkley at 910-742-0874.

About Connected Investors: Connected Investors brings the Fintech revolution to Real Estate Investing. Leveraging the largest social networking community dedicated to real estate investors (over 200,000 members), CI’s online marketplace and community connects buyers and sellers with real estate investment opportunities – providing a vast inventory of off-market properties, bulk property packages and an aggregated Crowdfunding gateway – all of which can be funded through CI’s centralized real estate investment funding portal,

Riley, Magic and GoButler bring automated assistants to real estate

Takeaways:  Text message-based research assistants can scale much faster than apps or websites — and investors have taken notice. Riley, an automated personal assistant serving buyers and renters, is part human and part robot. Riley finds listings and schedules showings for free, and Magic does it for $22 an hour.  Why search for listings if someone — or something — will do it for you? That’s the idea behind the text message-based property search assistant “Riley.” Part robot, part human, the search resource lets consumers text their search preferences to receive a bundle of curated listings; then the program schedules showings for them if they see something they like. Since almost anyone can send a text message without downloading anything, services like Ri…

Gov. Nixon makes appointments to boards regulating real estate appraisers, professional counselors

JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Jay Nixon today appointed new members to the Committee for Professional Counselors and to the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission. The appointments will be subject to approval by the Missouri Senate.

The Governor has appointed Dr. Regina M. Staves, of Kansas City, to the Committee for Professional Counselors. The committee protects the public from unlicensed, negligent, incompetent, and dishonest mental health services provided by licensees and individuals under supervision for licensure.

Dr. Staves is a licensed professional counselor who previously worked as a hospital therapist at Crittenton Children’s Center in Kansas City and also serves as an associate professor of psychology at Avila University. She also is a board member of the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund. The Governor has appointed her for a term ending Aug. 28, 2016.

The Governor also has appointed Melba J. Curls (D), of Kansas City, to the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission. The commissionlicenses and regulates persons who engage in real estate appraisal business, as set out in statute.

Curls is a former city councilwoman for the City of Kansas City, and formerly represented the 41st District in the Missouri House of Representatives. She has served as a board member of the American Jazz Museum, the DeLaSalle Education Center, the Economic Development Corp. and the Jackson County Board of Domestic Violence Shelters. The Governor has nominated her for a term ending Sept. 12, 2017.